The KDDI OCEAN LINK is equipped with ROV MARCAS-IV(ROV:Remotely Operated Vehicle).

MARCAS-IV can dive to a maximum depth of 2,500 meters, and performs cable burial and maintenance. The burial is performed by taking in a large amount of seawater, waterjetting it into the seabed, and digging a trench.

The maximum burial depth is around 3 meters.
In addition, MARCAS-IV can remove obstacles, or can cut a cable and rope by using its manipulator.

MARCAS-IV will be replaced by the new type of ROV, MARCAS-IV in near future.


MARCAS-IV Operating Scene

MARCAS-IV is on the KDDI OCEAN LINK, and is engaged in submarine cable maintenance.
In the ocean area up to 2,500 meters depth, MARCAS-IV carries out localization of a cable failure point, cutting the cable and its reburial after the repair to maximum depth of 3 meters by Jet Tool Mode.


Max. Working Depth
Length 5.38m (w/2 m jet tool) 6.48m--/3 m jet tool)
Width 3.65m Height 2.96m
17 tons in air Neutral in sea water
Forward/Backward 3 knots Lateral 2 knots Vertical 2 knots
Vehicle power
Total 450 kW (225kW Subsea Electric motor x 2)
500mm hydraulic driven thruster x 10
Max. Burial Depth
3.0 m(depending on seabed soil composition)
Umbilical Cable
Steel-armored cable 3,500 m