Activities for Enhancing Technology

KCS, in order to cope with diversified needs which our business requires, is making utmost efforts to maintain and enhance our high standards of skills and expertise by encouraging and demanding our staff to attend in- and out-company training courses, or, furthermore, to acquire and renew qualifications of various fields relevant to our work.

Main Qualifications and Learning Courses

[national qualifications etc..]

Class-1,2 Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer
X-ray operation chief
Organic solvent operation chief
Class-1 health officer's
Particular chemicals and tetraalkyl lead operation chief
Oxygen deficiency & hydrogen sulfide dangerous operation chief skill training program
Slinging skill training program
Compact mobile crane skill training program
Specially controlled industrial waste chief administrator

[Consortium licenses & In-house qualifications]

Cable jointing engineer(Universal Joint)
Cable engineer
Electric and optical test engineer
Electric and optical test administrator
ROV Operator
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