Privacy Policy

Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.(KCS) declares, as a member of the KDDI group,
to carry out the following in order to protect the information resources of KCS and the KDDI group.

  • 1. KCS promotes, by the central role of the executives, to establish the company-wide management structure for the information security.
  • 2. KCS formulates and carries out the necessary information security measures of organizational, personnel, physical and technical aspects in order to prevent accidents such as unauthorized access, destruction, tampering and leaks and so forth.
  • 3. When an accident regarding the information security occurs, KCS carries out speedy and necessary correction measures.
  • 4. Regarding the information security, KCS carries out continuing company training and activities for the enlightenment.
  • 5. KCS establishes an internal auditing system for the information security, and carries out continuing review and improvement about the information security.
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