Underwater Clamp Meter

Underwater Clamp Meter measures 25Hz AC which is applied to the cable from the cable landing station for watching the submarine cable status(troubles such as cable breaks).

The basic system consists of (1)clamp sensor which is, under water, attached to the cable by a diver, (2)connecting cable, and (3)display unit which shows the current value on the ship.

The clamp sensor consists of two waterproof halved toroidal coils. Inside of the coil, a current-fed pick up coil is wound on a semicircular shaped core. By clipping the cable by the cores, 25Hz AC flowing in the cable can be measured.

By using Underwater Clamp Meter, the precise identification of the failure cable in the area where two cables are landing or in the congested area of laid cables becomes possible.

Underwater Clamp Meter
Right down: Clamp sensor / Right up: Display unit / Left: Connecting cable