Cable Probe

Cable Probe, model KM-CP2 is a reliable, easy-to-use, diver hand held cable locator, and is used for the diver to confirm a location and a burial depth of cables.

It tracks the low frequency(25Hz) magnetic field from the cable, and locates the buried cables and provides the burial data.

Since the data(date, time, burial depth) is stored in the built-in IC memory, it can be transferred and stored in the PC.

Cable Probe, Model KM-CP2
Cable Probe, Model KM-CP2
Panel of Cable Probe, KM-CP2
Panel of Cable Probe, KM-CP2
Cable Probe, KM-CP2


Maximum operating water depth
Maximum measurable range
5m (under 50mA EL)
Frequency of electro loading(EL)
6 AA alkaline batteries
Maximum consecutive operating time
6 hours
7Kg(in air), 1Kg(in water)