Diverless Burial Machine

We are developping the diverless burial machine to bury the submarine cables by water jetting continuously for all day and night at shallow waters.


Power of Water Jet
Two water pumps of 110kW
Target Burial Depth
2.5m (Plan)
Available Geological Condition
Aimed to be applicable to the conditions categorized I to V in the table below.
Category of Bottom Sediments
Category Hardnes/Density Hardness(kPa) Density (%) Description
I Extremely soft <20 <15 Extremery soft silty sand or cray
II Soft -Moderately soft 20-40 15-35 Moderately soft silty sand or clay
III Moderately hard/dense 40-75 35-65 Moderately dense/hard silty sand or clay
IV Hard / Tight 75-150 65-85 Hard silty sand, clayey silt or silty clay
V Very Hard / Extremely tight 150-300 85-95 Extremely hard silty sand, clayey silt or silty clay
VI Wheathered bedrock >300 >95 Wheathered bedrock
Target Burial Speed(Maximum)
Target Burial distance per day
Applicable Depth
5m to 30m
(40m by the adjustment of umbilical cable)
-No assistance of diver is required during deploying, running and recovering.
-Expected work vessel: DP (Dynamic Positioning) Vessel around 500t.
-Accommodation is available on the vessel and applicable for 24 consecutive hours work.
-Burial Machine can travel being equipped on the work vessel and can work around islands and at overseas.