Submarine Cable Installation


An installation of submarine cables is a big project accompanying choice of cable landing places, routes selection for cable laying which needs ocean surveys, and cable laying (cable landing, simultaneous cable burial and laying, cable laying), etc..
Since the installation of Japan Sea submarine coaxial cable (JASC, Naoetsu( Japan)- Nakhodka(Russia)) in 1968, we have achieved to lay more than 50,000 kilometers of cables up to present.

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Calbe Ships and Facilities

Cable Ships

Facilities for Submarine Cable Laying, Burials, and Marine Surveys


(1) Technology for submarine cable laying and burials
(2) Jointing technology for submarine cables
(3) Marine survey engineering

Human Resources

In KCS, many staffs with expertise in submarine cable constructions are working for submarine cable installations.
They are always innovating themselves in order to enhance their technologies through company's programs, that is,
training in or outside the company or OJT in accumulated know-how in the company.