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Technology Introduction

Optical Submarine Cable Laying Method

KCS is realizing the construction of cable laying with high quality and high reliability by performing the followings:
(1)Designs the most suitable speed of the cable payout and the ship, considering the water depth along with the cable laying route, ups and downs of the seabed and the types of the laying cables.
(2)Operates the cable handling facilities such as the cable engines or the ship's navigation system precisely according to the design.

Optical Submarine Cable Laying Procedure

1. Towards the cable landing station A, one end of the cable is paid out by the cable ship and landed. During this phase, the balloon buoys are attached along the cable to prevent possible damages to the cable.
Finally, the buoys are detached, allowing the cable to sink to the seabed.

2. The ship lays the cable towards the opposite station B or the designated point in mid-ocean.

3. At the designated point, the ship connects the cable with the end point of the previously laid cable from the station B.

4. After the final splice, the cable is released on the seabed.

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