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Corporate History
In 1966Establishment of Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.(KCS)
1969 Japan Sea Submarine Cable(JASC) installation(KDD Maru)
1976 Japan-China Cable(ECSC) installation(KDD Maru)
1977 Okinawa-Luzon-Hong Kong Cable(OLUHO) installation(KDD Maru)
1979 Okinawa-Taiwan Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1980 Kuantan-Kuching Cable installation(KDD Maru)
Japan-Korea Cable(JKC) installation(KDD Maru)
1982 ASEAN Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1984 Okinawa-Ninomiya Cable (Okinawa cable) installation(KDD Maru)
1986 Japan-China Cable restoration & installation on the shore end
(KDD Maru)
1988The 3rd Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-3) installation(KDD Maru)
1989 Chikura-Ninomiya Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1991The 4th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-4) installation(KDD Maru)
1992 Completion of the KDDI OCEAN LINK(KOL)
Chikura-Miyazaki Cable installation(KDD Maru)
The 4th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-4) installation(KOL)
1993 APC(Asia-Pacific-Cable) installation(KOL)
CJ-FOSC(China-Japan-Fiber Optical System Cable) installation(KOL)
1994 RJK(Russia-Japan-Korea) Cable installation(KOL)
The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1995The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1996 APCN Cable installation(KOL)
The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1997 FLAG Cable installation(KOL)
1998 Exhibition of the KDDI PACIFIC LINK(KPL)
JIH(Japan Information Highway) Cable installation(KOL)
JIH(Japan Information Highway) Cable installation(KPL)
1999 Obtained the certificate of ISO9002:1994
China-US Cable installation(KPL)
Japan-US Cable installation(KPL)
2001 EAC(East Asian Crossing Cable System) installation(KOL)
EAC(East Asian Crossing Cable System) installation(KPL)
AJC(Australia-Japan Cable System) installation(Kouki Maru)
C2C installation(KPL)
C2C installation(Kouki Maru)
merged with Kokusai Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
2004 Obtained the certificate of ISO14001:1996
2007 RJCN Cable installation(KPL)
2008 RJCN Cable installation(KPL)
2009 UNITY Cable installation(KPL)
DONET installation(off Kii peninsula)(KPL)
2010 Mishima-Mura Cable installation(KPL)
MACHO Cable installation(KPL)
2012 GOKI ocean cable installation(KPL)
SJC shore end cable installation(KPL)
2013 KCS HQ's transfer to Kawasaki-City
DONET-2 installation(off Tokushima)(KPL)

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